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Joe Mufferaw Spirits Company aims to make every day a beautiful day to enjoy the best in Whisky and Vodka. Born out a passion to rebuild the success and history of local distilleries in the Ottawa Valley., Joe Mufferaw Spirits Co., in partnership with the Award Winning, Best Craft Distillery in Canada for 2020, invites you to Taste The Legend! 
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Joe Mufferaw Whisky - a Single Barrel, 6 year old, high quality whisky. 

Joe Mufferaw whisky is our four grain version (corn, wheat, rye and barley) at 47%. Aged 5.5 years in a new oak barrel from Independent Stave Company. It gets a strong sweetness from the corn, complexity from the rye & barley and smoothness from the wheat. The new barrel contributes strong caramel and oak flavours - the taste is halfway between bourbon and a Canadian whisky.


Alc. 47%, 750ml 

Joe Mufferaw Potato Pure Vodka - 100% Pure Potato Vodka. All clear. No additives

Alc. 40%, 750 Ml

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Pokey Red - coming soon.


Coming this October, our NEW Pokey is an "All Natural" Cinnamon Flavour Liqueur made those late and chilly nights. 


Alc. 40% // 750 ml

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